Book Gifting Program

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Book Gifting Program

WJS currently has an inventory of books to be gifted (no charge) to schools and public libraries throughout the United States and Canada, as well as other English speaking countries. These books are also made available to military units around the world.

WJS has gifted more than 2,300 books through the Book Gifting program and our goal is to do more. Your donation to the Book Gifting Program is tax deductible.

Please send your request to:
The Will James Society c/o John Washington, Treasurer
1180 Sage Ocean Ct
Gardnerville, Nevada 89460

If you woud like to apply for Will James Books to be gifted to a school, library, hospital or military base in your area please contact:

Sharon DeCarlo at 775-265-7137
or cell 775-790-1880


Will James Society Book Gifting 2023