Don’t miss the 100th Anniversary celebration of Will James first book
“Cowboys North and South” held at the Claggett/Rey Gallery in Edwards CO!
August 2024

This year 2024, marks the 100th Anniversary of WILL JAMES first book “Cowboys North and South” published in 1924. Will James (1892-1942) was such an influence on so many artists through his stories and art. I believe each of you in your own way have a connection with Will James and I would like to invite you to participate in our show with a work of art, whatever your chosen medium. This anniversary is a fitting time to tip our hats to a man who influenced so many from all walks of life, and he truly connected in our hearts and dreams. As most of you are familiar with each other’s work, I would say create something Will and your like-minded peers would be proud of, and we will do our part to let the broader western world know of this wonderful show through articles, ads and social media.

We will host this month long exhibition and sale August 2024, and a catalog with a few essays will be printed to commemorate the occasion. The Show here at CLAGGETT/REY GALLERY will be titled “COWBOYS NORTH AND SOUTH” in the spirit and celebration of Will James first book 1924-2024.

Artists Invited to participate –

Jim Rey, TD Kelsey, Julie Oriet, Tim Shinabarger, Jason Scull, William Matthews, John Moyers, Terri Moyers, Tyler Crow, Robert Pummill, Duke Beardsley, Scott Hardy, Brad Greenwood, Linda Hayden, Shawn Cameron, Grant Redden, Bruce Greene, Mike Capron, Wilson Capron, Sophy Brown, Nate Wald, John Willemsma, Cary Schwartz, Bill Nebeker, Josh Elliott, Deborah Fellows, Wayne Baize, Pedro Pedrini, Martin Grelle, William Acheff, Andy Thomas, Barbara Van Cleve, O’Farrell Hat Co, Pedro Pedrini

We will also be featuring works by Joe Beeler, Bill Owen, Robert Lougheed, Ed Borein, James Reynolds and others who have passed who have had the same heart.

For more information contact:

Claggett/Rey Gallery
216 Main St, STE C100
PO Box 900
Edwards, CO  81632

(970) 476-9350 gallery

(970) 376-1727 cell